Typical Chartwell Survey Book       On our web-site are the specifications & prices of the Chartwell range of weather-resistant Survey Books that we stock (plus a few that we don’t currently stock but that may change in the future).

      The Chartwell range includes Survey books, Level books, Dimension Books, Field Books and Mining & Transit books along with various styles of Survey Pads and the Watershed Waterproof Notebooks.

      The range of Chartwell Survey Books (Field Books) includes lined, unlined and graph-lined versions, all available in different sizes. The small and medium sizes fit comfortably in the back pocket and the larger size fits into a jacket pocket.

      The Chartwell Level Books and the Mining & Transit Books are construction industry-standard products whereas the Dimension Books, although used extensively in the UK and other countries, are new to New Zealand.

      The Dimension Book is specifically designed as an easy-to-use and weather-resistant alternative to dimension paper & clip-boards when working on-site taking measurements and notes. Please note that we are the sole importer for the Chartwell Dimension Books within New Zealand & Australia.

      If you are not familiar with the Chartwell range then we will be pleased to hear from you and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding the suitability of the products for your application. Contact us here.

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We also accept corporate purchase orders. Please contact us via e-mail to arrange the account.

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