Typical Chartwell Survey Book

   Chartwell Survey Books are manufactured in the United Kingdom by Tollit & Harvey Ltd.

   Produced to the highest specification, Chartwell Survey Books contain 50% rag bond paper which has high cotton linters content giving excellent tear resistance and strength when wet. The Chartwell Survey Book retains this strength and its writing surface when dried after being subjected to adverse site or weather conditions.

   There is a wide range of rulings available in the Chartwell Weather-Resistant Survey Book range including Field Books, Level Books, Dimension Books and Mining & Transit Books but each survey book has the following common details.

   80 leaves

   50% rag bond paper sewn with rot-proof thread

   Covers can be folded back flat

Please follow the links below to get further information on the individual Chartwell products.

   General Survey (Field) Books

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   Dimension Books

   Mining & Transit Books